1.01 NAME

This organization shall be known as the MIDWEST KRAWLERS; hereafter in this document referred to as MWK, or Club.


The Midwest Krawlers are a family-oriented club for Off-road enthusiasts. We are a nonprofit organization for the purpose of social, recreational and educational activities designed to encourage the enjoyment of Off-road vehicles while protecting and preserving our natural resources. The Midwest Krawlers are committed to safe, responsible four wheeling and adherence to the principals of tread lightly!


Regular Membership Regular membership is limited to 1 member per Krawler. Member must file an application/emergency contact card with the INFORMATION DIRECTOR at time of joining and annual renewal. Annual dues are $40 and due upon application. All Members on the ACTIVE CLUB ROSTER will receive (1) Vote during the Board of directors election, (1) club decal, (1) Annual Club T-shirt, along with access to the clubs private Facebook group(s). Fiscal club year starts Feb 1st and ends Jan 31st. Any dues received after the October Club meeting will count for the next year. No refunds or pro-rated returns. Any members who have not renewed their membership by the 15th of January will be dropped from the Active Club roster. All dues, past and present, must be brought up to date before a member can be added back to the active club roster

3.01.2 Honorary Membership and Club Sponsors This type of membership may be awarded through nomination by any member in good standing and approved by the Board of Directors. This membership is granted to a Person, a Business, or an Organization that the Club feels supports the sport, the Club, and its activities. Businesses and organizations will be asked if they would be willing to be considered as a Club Sponsor prior to the vote. Honorary Members and Sponsors will not pay dues nor have a vote but will be entitled to a voice at meetings they attend. Honorary Members and Sponsors may also elect to pay membership dues to become regular club members entitled to a vote. Sponsors would be considered as having a dual membership (Sponsor/Member) but would only have the standard one vote rule as regular members. The MWK Bylaws apply equally for Honorary Members and Sponsors as they do for regular club members. Honorary Membership or Sponsorship may be revoked at any time through the vote of the Board of Directors for violations. Any revocations of Honorary Memberships or Sponsorship will be conducted in accordance with Article 11 of the bylaws.


4.01.1 Meetings shall be conducted monthly at such times and places as are designated by the board of directors.

4.01.2 Club monthly business may be approved by a majority of The Board of Directors in attendance.

5.01 BY-LAWS

5.01.1 The Club By-Laws will stand as written. Any approved changes to the By-Laws will supersede all prior versions.

5.01.2 A Committee will be formed by the Board of Directors, as needed, to review any By-Law changes or amendments and will consist of 10 active members in good standing. Each Board of Directors member will choose one member to serve on the By Law Committee. A foreman will be selected by the committee at the onset of said committee.

5.01.3 The foreman of the committee will present a final draft of By Law amendments to the Board Of Directors to be posted to the club website. The final proposal of any and all changes will be brought before the membership to be voted upon at the next club meeting following publication on Midwest Krawlers website.

5.01.4 A 2/3 majority vote of those members present is required for approval of changes to the By-Laws.

5.01.5 A new committee will be formed each time a bylaw amendment is required.


6.01.1 This organization shall be administered by a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Social Director, Community Outreach Director, Safety and Wheeling Director, Overlanding Director, Board Administrator, Social Media & Technology Director, and Director of Club Development and Member Care; hereinafter referred to as the Board of Directors.

6.01.2 The Board of Directors shall be elected by the voting members of the organization.

6.01.3 Nominations for Officers will be submitted by the end of the October meeting. Those nominated will be voted on in November of the same year. Voting will be opened at the start of the November meeting and will extend for a period of 7 days, closing at 10 pm on the 7th day. Voting will be conducted via online ballot. Results of the election will be held by a non-candidate member previously selected by the board. All candidates will be notified of the results immediately upon the closing of the election. Results will be distributed to the membership NLT 72 hours after the closing of the polls.

6.01.4 In the event of a tie, an "Exhaustive Ballot Run-Off" shall be conducted to determine the winner. Run-Off voting shall start at 10 am the day following the closure of the polls and will continue until a winner is determined.

6.01.5 Newly elected officers shall take office at the regular monthly meeting in February.

6.01.6 Candidates for office must be members in good standing.


7.01.01 PRESIDENT Runs the day to day operations of the club, sets the monthly club schedule and meeting agenda. Required to always look out for the clubs long-term growth. Casts the tie breaking vote on all club matters

7.01.02 VICE-PRESIDENT shall assist the President and serve in his stead if the President is absent. Coordinates club trail meals required to plan and organize and attend a minimum of 4 trail ride events.

7.01.03 TREASURER shall keep and maintain all financial records of the organization. The Treasurer shall collect all dues, fees, and make such disbursement as is directed by the Board of Directors. He/She will also be required to submit a monthly financial report.

7.01.04 SAFETY AND WHEELING DIRECTOR -- Responsible for checking equipment on new club members vehicles, provides advice at club functions and events on potential safety issues. Plan at least 6 off-road events throughout the year. Resposible for scheduling and coordinating 101 courses. Will ensure proper safety is taken at all club events.

7.01.05 CLUB DEVELOPMENT OFFICER - Responsible for maintaining and creating relationships with club supporters and local businesses to expand the club's potential market. He/She is a point of contact, the chief recruiter and morale leader. Responsible for maintaining the club membership roster with the help of the Treasurer.

7.01.06 Social Media and Technology Director- Shall be responsible for maintaining the club Facebook pages, the clubs Instagram, twitter, and any other social media platform the club utilizes. Helps promote all club events - on and off-road.

7.01.07 SOCIAL DIRECTOR - Responsible for planning and coordinating all Off-trail club events. Required to plan and attend a minimum a 6 #MWK social events during the club year. Helps promote all club events - on and off-road. Responsible for ordering, inventory and distribution of club swag.

7.01.08 COMMUNITY OUTREACH DIRECTOR- Reponsible for coordinating partnerships and events within the community. Responsible for development, coordination and operations of Snow Squad, catastrophic relief efforts as well as community service projects.

7.01.09 OVERLANDING DIRECTOR- Responsible for the education of the membership in regards to overlanding. Plan at least 4 overlanding events a year. Will educate members on needs for trails, gear and technology as it releates to overlanding.

7.01.10 BOARD ADMINISTRATOR- Will be responsible for capturing minutes from club meetings as well as board meetings. Will help develop agendas for all meetings.


8.01.1 All monies collected by this organization shall be immediately turned over to the treasurer and placed in the organizations bank account or PayPal Account.

8.01.2 No expenditure of over $250 of the organizations funds may be made without approval of the Board of Directors. Reimbursements will be made by the Treasurer.

8.01.3 A ledger of the organizations funds shall be maintained by the Treasurer and this ledger shall be open to inspection by any member in good standing at monthly meetings.


9.01.1 Recall proceedings may be called for by any member in good standing, at any meeting, by verbally stating their reasons.

9.01.2 All votes for recall must 1st pass a Board of Director vote, prior to general election.

9.01.3 General Election Vote will be held at the next regular scheduled meeting after passing BOD vote.

9.01.4 Any Board of Director of this organization may be recalled by a majority vote of members present.

9.01.5 The Board of Director up for recall will be given an opportunity to give reason why they should not be recalled before a vote is taken.

9.01.6 The vote for recall will be by PUBLIC written ballot.

9.01.7 In the event of a vacancy of a Board of Director; the President will nominate a replacement Board of Director, subject to the approval of the Board. This interim Board of Director will serve until the upcoming election. The Information Director, or President in the Information Directors absence, shall notify all voting members of such action.


10.01.1 All events and functions shall be subject to approval of the Board of Director present.

10.01.2 All events are to be conducted in an orderly manner with safety as a prime factor.

10.01.3 NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, or ILLEGAL DRUGS are permitted while operating vehicles during any event of this organization under penalty of expulsion from the organization and action by federal, state, or local laws.

10.01.4 Any member whom possesses a firearm during any club activity does so at their own risk and liability. Any member who chooses to carry a weapon should do so safely and discreetly. The member must also follow all Local, State and Federal laws regarding the carry and use of such weapon

10.01.5 All members and guest shall obey the traffic laws of the state. The Club requires wearing safety restraints (seat belts) while participating in events.

10.01.6 Participation in club events/functions shall be limited to members, guests and potential members unless otherwise decided by vote of the Board of Directors present.

10.01.7 Any Board of Director shall have the authority to cancel or postpone any event if conditions exist which prohibit the event from being held safely.

10.01.8 No one under the age of 18 years of age shall be allowed to drive in a sponsored event/function unless they have a liability release signed by their guardian and present it to an onsite Board of Director prior to the event function.

10.01.9 Again, for safety considerations, ALL members are strongly encouraged to have the following items in or on their vehicles while out on the trails and during club events: Basic First Aid Kit; Fire Extinguisher; Seat Belts in use (provided they were standard issue with your model of Jeep); Tow Strap; and Fixed Recovery Points, front and back.


11.01.1 The Code of Ethics and Conduct applies to Midwest Krawlers and each of its entities (the Club or MWK). Our Club thrives on conducting business in an ethical manner and with a family orientation. For many years we have emphasized what it means to work ethically by defining and working within our ethical commitments and our core values, Help Each Other.

11.01.2 The following is intended to provide an overview of some of our expectations. These requirements and expectations apply to our directors, secretaries, members, club affiliates, and those friends of the club part of any MWK entity, and guest(s) of members.

11.02 Compliance with Club Conduct, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations

11.02.1 We each have an obligation to behave according to ethical standards that comply with Club policy, and the letter and spirit of applicable legal requirements. Members are expected to be familiar with MWKs conduct and the by-laws and regulations applicable to their membership or association with MWK.

11.02.2 Any known or suspected violations of applicable by-law or MWKs ethical principles should be promptly reported to a Board Member, Board Secretary, or fellow club member if member with queries is not able to do so themselves.

11.02.3 Members may report suspected violations in confidence and without fear of retaliation. Anyone having concerns in this regard may report suspected violations anonymously by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

11.02.4 Failing to report or condoning a violation of law or MWK policies, including our by-laws, may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination from MWK involvement.

11.02.5 Any reprisal, retaliation or discrimination against anyone for reporting possible violations is strictly prohibited.

11.03 Additional Reporting Options and Conflict Resolution

11.03.1 If a Club Member does not believe the Club has taken reasonable steps to investigate a report, those concerns can be directed to the President of MWK by contacting the currently elected Midwest Krawlers Board of Directors President directly.

11.03.2 Any concerns about an issue, club policy, by-laws or behavior that does not warrant Compliance reporting should be shared with any of MWKs Board of Directors to be reviewed and addressed accordingly.

11.03.3 MWKs goal is to resolve issues directly, constructively and in a respectful manner.

11.03.4 MWK Club Member ideas for improving the organization are welcomed.

11.04 Harassment, Including Sexual Harassment

11.04.1 MWK is committed to providing its members an environment that is free of all forms of discrimination and harassment.

11.04.2 Accordingly, all members, including board members and members of any MWK entity, are prohibited from any behavior or conduct which is or could be perceived by a member as intimidating, abusive, hostile, harassing, discriminatory, offensive, embarrassing, demeaning or degrading. MWK prohibits all forms of harassment based upon an employees sex, gender, transgender status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, race, ethnicity, color, age, religion, disability (including gender dysphoria) or any other legally protected characteristic.

11.04.3 Harassment is prohibited between board members and secretaries towards a member, between members, between persons of the same sex or otherwise.

11.04.4 Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, as well as other conduct of a sexual nature when: The submission to or rejection of such conduct is made a condition of the members continued club involvement, or used as the basis for any decisions affecting the member; or The conduct, if unwelcome and severe or pervasive, creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive club environment, or unreasonably interferes with a members club environment.

11.04.5 Not only is sexual harassment prohibited under Club policy, sexual harassment is unlawful under federal, state, and local law.

11.05 Social Media Policy

11.05.1 This policy provides guidance for club member use of social media. At Midwest Krawlers, we define social media broadly to include online platforms and applications that facilitate activities such as professional or social networking, posting commentary or opinions, and sharing pictures, audio, video, or other content. We all like to stay connected through social media, just dont let it interfere with the clubs goals and relationships. MWK respects your right to communicate on your own (or other members) behalf concerning terms and conditions of membership. Nothing in this policy is intended to interfere with your rights under federal and state laws, nor will MWK construe this policy in a way that limits such rights. Keep in mind that any of your conduct that is unlawful or adversely affects MWK may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination from any MWK entity.

11.05.2 Know and Follow the Rules Your social media activity is covered by all MWK policies including, but not limited to, our Code of Ethics and Conduct and MWK By-Laws. You are responsible to ensure your postings are consistent with these policies. You are personally responsible for the content you publish online. Keep in mind that content on the internet can exist even if you believe you deleted it. If you have any questions or concerns about any Club policies please contact an MWK Board Member.

11.05.3 Use good judgment. Be respectful and courteous. Do not post discriminatory, harassing, bullying, or threatening remarks.

11.05.4 Be honest. Be honest and accurate when posting information or news related to the club. If you post about MWK, make sure you dont give the impression that you are an official club spokesperson or speaking on behalf of MWK. Do not post proprietary, legal, operational, or financial information regarding MWK (including trade secrets, member and supporter information, Club strategy, and membership and marketing plans). Give credit where credit is due and do not violate the rights of others. Honor, respect, and abide by all copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws when posting. If you make a mistake, correct it and let us know as soon as possible.

11.06 Conduct

11.06.1 If a club member is dismissed for any reason they forfeit all member privileges and any dues/fees/monies paid to the club. (NO REFUNDS.

11.06.2 In addition to the rules set out in 10.01, the following activities or conduct is prohibited: Any unlawful use or possession of illegal drugs or controlled substances is strictly prohibited and will be cause for termination of membership. Fighting with any person at a club event is prohibited and may be grounds for termination of membership. Displaying, brandishing, or using a weapon of any type to threaten, intimidate, assault, or injury any person is strictly prohibited and will result in termination of membership. Unruly or disrespectful behavior by club members during club sanctioned events will not be tolerated. This includes extreme or disparaging remarks about members, their families, or club sponsors. Inability to maintain harmonious relationships with other club members during club events may be grounds for termination of membership. Members will not knowingly trespass. While trail riding, if a member ventures on private land or a closed area and an officer of the law issues a citation, arrest or confiscates the vehicle; liability is bore solely by the owner or the person doing the action. Members are to follow rules and regulations of property and/or its owners. Littering at club events or during trail riding is prohibited. All codes of conduct and bylaws also apply to any passenger or non-member guest. Club members will be held responsible for any or all passengers or guests that accompany them to an event.

November 13th, 2019