Midwest Krawlers 

The premier off-road club in the Kansas City metro area. The club is built on three primary principles, Activity Drives Membership, Help Each Other, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!  MWK hosts events year round catering to all levels of off-roaders, all vehicle types, and welcome anyone looking to get out into the world and explore.



MWK is not only active on the trails but off. We as a club are a registered non-profit and actively support local ORV parks and community outreach programs.  Our most notable achievement was coined by our own Safety Officer John McCurrie. The MWK Snow Squad provided rides to over 350 first responders and emergency medical personnel during this brutal 2018-2019 winter weather season.  MWK also works with Care Packages from Home, raising money to support their cause of sending care packages to our local Kansas City troops defending us daily. The 2020 MWK agenda is to become an increasingly affluent contributor in the local and off-road community.

Activity Drives Membership

All members are encouraged to create events for the entire club.

Help Each Other

We help each other out on and off the trails. You never know when something might break.

have fun

Get out and make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

All Levels of Off-Roaders

Regardless the size of your rig you will find places to wheel with us.


MWK is a registered non profit.

FAMILY values

We encourage all family members to participate in events.


Want someone to get ice cream with or just meet for donuts? Set up an event and others will join you.

Ask for help

Need help getting something done to your rig? Just ask and you will probably find someone to help with your project. 

All Vehicle Types

Any 4x4 capable vehicle, regardless of make or model, is welcome.

Explore The World

Join fellow members on excursions to some of the most beautiful offroad destinations around the world, or set up your own and others will join in.

Active On Trails

From trail cleanup days to our Sunday Funday events, we love to leave the blacktop.

Active Off Trails

From mall crawls and giving back to the community we love helping out where we can.


When you join the club you become a member of our family, and these events are all about helping people make modifications to there rigs. 


From Snow Squad to Children's Mercy Power Wheels, we work together to improve the community we share.


We look for ways all year long to help out the community. This is just one of the many ways we try to give back.


We provided rides to first responders and emergency medical personnel during winter weather season.