5.01.6 - Annual Bylaw Review Committee

A Committee will be formed annually by the Board of Directors to review the club bylaws in their entirety. This committee is to be formed by March 1. Each Board member will choose one club member in good standing to serve on the Annual bylaw review committee. The committee will be charged with identifying and proposing changes or amendments as deemed necessary by said committee.

The annual review committee will be exempt from the number of bylaw change limitation as outlined in 5.01.5, allowing them to address more than 3 bylaw changes. This is the only exemption from 5.01.5.

The foreman of the Annual Bylaw Review Committee will present a final draft of recommended changes or amendments to the Board of Directors for review. All recommended changes and amendments shall be posted in accordance of 5.01.3 and voted on by the membership at the next regularly scheduled membership meeting.