Any expenditure of the organization's funds in excess of $250 shall require the approval of the Board of Directors. Reimbursements and/or disbursements will be made by the Treasurer once the Board has approved.

Expenditures of the organization’s funds that are $250 or less can be disbursed and/or reimbursed by the Treasurer to any board member at any time. The Treasurer must report ALL disbursements and reimbursements made since the previous board meeting to the Board of Directors at every board meeting.

Any Board member can ask for a Board of Director vote on any disbursement made by the Treasurer to an active board member, as reported to the Board. If the Board of Directors votes against that disbursement by a majority vote, that board member has 30 days to repay that expense to the club.

Any reimbursement and/or disbursement to a general member must be pre-approved by the Board of Directors