1.01 NAME
This organization shall be known as the MIDWEST KRAWLERS; hereafter in this document referred to as MWK, or Club.

The Midwest Krawlers is a family-oriented club for Off-road enthusiasts. We are a nonprofit organization for the purpose of social, recreational, and educational activities designed to encourage the enjoyment of Off-road vehicles while protecting and preserving our natural resources. The Club is committed to safe, responsible four-wheeling and adherence to the principles of tread lightly!

Regular Membership
Regular membership is limited to 1 (one) application per person/submission to Midwest Krawlers. New and existing members shall register, annually, through the Midwest Krawler website ( Membership applications are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.
Annual dues for regular memberships will be determined by the Board of Directors for the following year. Payment is due at time of the application. All Members on the active club roster will receive 1 (one) vote at club membership meetings and will receive membership “swag”, as determined by the Board of Directors.
The club’s fiscal year begins on January 1 and runs through December 31. Any dues received after the October Club Meeting will count towards the following fiscal year. No refunds or pro-rated returns will be offered for any reason. Any member/s who have not renewed their membership by January 15 will be removed from the Active Club roster.
All dues, past and present, must be brought up to date before a member can be added back to the active club roster. A member in “Good Standing” shall be defined as any member whose membership dues are paid through the current year AND their membership has not been revoked by the Board of Directors.

Club Sponsors
Club Sponsorships will be solicited by the Board of Directors. Sponsors will not pay membership dues. Sponsors shall be approved by the Board of Directors prior to being valid. Sponsorships can be granted to a Person, Business, or an Organization that the Club feels supports the intent of the sport, the Club, and its activities. Platinum level sponsors will be granted 2 regular club memberships and Gold level sponsors will be granted 1 regular club membership. Sponsor memberships must be designated by the sponsor to a specific person, by name and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. Those memberships, as approved by the Board of Directors, shall be designated so for the remainder of that current membership year. Sponsor’s designated memberships are no longer valid, if the sponsorship is terminated either by the sponsor or the Board of Directors. Sponsorship may be revoked at any time by a 2/3rd majority vote of the Board of Directors.
Any sponsorship fees paid to the club are non-refundable.

Meetings shall be conducted monthly at such times and places as are designated by the Board of Directors. The agenda will be determined by the Club President. Club financials, including current bank statements, must be made available at monthly meetings for members to review.

The Club bylaws will stand as written. Any approved changes to the bylaws will supersede all prior versions. Proposed bylaws changes outside the annual review will be voted on semi-annually at the regularly scheduled June and October club meetings unless the vote is required sooner to meet federal, state or local law requirements.

A Committee will be formed by the Board of Directors, as needed, to review any bylaw changes or amendments and will consist of 10 active members in good standing. Each Board of Directors member will choose one member to serve on the bylaw committee. A foreman will be selected by the committee at the onset of said committee.

The foreman of the committee will present a final draft of bylaw amendments to the Board Of Directors to be posted to the club website. Notice of a Bylaws change vote shall be communicated to the members by the Board Admin, as well as posted to the club bylaws webpage a minimum of 14 days prior to the general membership meeting where the vote is to be held.

A 2/3 majority vote of those members present is required for approval of changes to the bylaws.

Any committee formed for the purpose of bylaw amendments will address not more than 3 changes within. Any changes addressed within the same session are independent of one another and require a separate vote. Amendments will not be packaged in such a way as to require a single vote for all changes, when brought before the membership to vote.


Annual Bylaw Review Committee

A Committee will be formed annually by the Board of Directors to review the club bylaws in their entirety. This committee is to be formed by March 1. Each Board member will choose one club member in good standing to serve on the Annual bylaw review committee. The committee will be charged with identifying and proposing changes or amendments as deemed necessary by said committee.

The annual review committee will be exempt from the number of bylaw change limitations as outlined in 5.01.5, allowing them to (a) address more than 3 bylaw changes and (b) propose individual bylaw changes to membership vote OR propose all bylaw revisions as an aggregate or whole (complete bylaw swap). The board must approve any proposal for an aggregate bylaw vote by 2/3rd vote.

The foreman of the Annual Bylaw Review Committee will present a final draft of recommended changes or amendments to the Board of Directors for review. All recommended changes and amendments shall be posted in accordance of 5.01.3 and voted on by the membership at the next regularly scheduled membership meeting.

This organization shall be administered by a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Social Director, Community Outreach Director, Safety and Wheeling Director, Overlanding Director, Board Administrator, Technology Director, and Director of Club Development and Member Care; hereinafter referred to as the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors shall be elected by the voting members of the organization.

Nominations for Officers will be submitted by the end of the October meeting. A nominee must be a current club member in good standing. Those nominated will be voted on in November of the same year. Voting will be opened at the start of the November meeting and will extend for a period of 7 days, closing at 10 pm on the 7th day. Voting will be conducted via an online ballot. The results of the election will be held by a non-candidate member previously selected by the board. All candidates will be notified of the results immediately upon the closing of the election. Results will be distributed to the membership No later than 72 hours after the closing of the polls.

In the event of a tie, the current/active President’s vote will be considered the tie breaking vote. In the event that the tie breaker is needed for the office of the President, and the current President is running for re-election, the highest ranking board member’s (as outlined in 7.01.1) vote will be considered the tie breaking vote.

Any write-in candidates for any office position must be members in good standing to be considered.

Newly elected Board of Director officers shall take office on January 1.

PRESIDENT Runs the daily operations of the club, sets the monthly club schedule and meeting agenda. The President shall always look out for the club’s long-term growth and holds the authority to cast the tie-breaking vote on all club matters

VICE PRESIDENT shall assist the President and serve in their stead if/or when the President is absent. The Vice President aids in the planning/organizing of all club events.

TREASURER shall keep and maintain all financial records of the organization. The Treasurer shall collect all dues, fees, and make such disbursement as is directed by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer will be required to submit a monthly financial report, as well as providing current and accurate ledger and bank statements at monthly meetings, for membership to review upon request.

SAFETY AND WHEELING DIRECTOR – Responsible for providing advice at club functions and events on potential safety issues. Will aid in the planning and organizing of club-sponsored events, help support and promote “beginner” events and educational events. Their primary duty is to ensure proper safety is taken at all club events.

CLUB DEVELOPMENT OFFICER – Responsible for maintaining and creating relationships with club supporters and local businesses. Will aid in the planning and organizing of club- sponsored events. They are a point of contact for members and the chief recruiter for the club. Responsible for maintaining the club membership roster with the help of the Treasurer.

TECHNOLOGY DIRECTOR – Responsible for providing oversight for the Club’s technology needs, including, but not limited to website, club registration, event registration, online voting platforms, club roster and board communication tools.

SOCIAL DIRECTOR – Responsible for planning and coordinating off-trail club events. Helps support and promote all club events and aids in the planning and organizing of club sponsored social events on and off-road. Responsible for ordering, inventory and distribution of club merchandise/swag

COMMUNITY OUTREACH DIRECTOR – Responsible for coordinating partnerships and events within the community. Helps support and promote all club events and aids in the planning and organizing of club sponsored community outreach events. Responsible for development, coordination, and operations of Snow Squad, catastrophic relief efforts, as well as community service projects

OVERLANDING DIRECTOR- Responsible for educating members on needs for trails, gear, and technology as it relates to off-roading and overlanding. Helps support and promote all club events and aids in the planning and organizing of club-sponsored overlanding events

BOARD ADMINISTRATOR- Will be responsible for documenting board meeting minutes. Will help create and distribute agendas for all meetings. Helps support and promote all club events.

All money collected by this organization shall be immediately turned over to the Treasurer and placed in the organization’s operating account. Money must be deposited into accounts within 3 business days of receipt. Cash collected during any event must be counted by the Treasurer and verified by a board member or member in good standing for audit purposes. The same board member or member in good standing shall receive notification when the money is deposited into the club’s account. The Treasurer will also notify the President of the verified amount and who audited the amount of money collected.

Any expenditure of the organization’s funds in excess of $250 shall require the approval of the Board of Directors. Reimbursements and/or disbursements will be made by the Treasurer once the Board has approved.

Expenditures of the organization’s funds that are $250 or less can be disbursed and/or reimbursed by the Treasurer to any board member at any time. The Treasurer must report ALL disbursements and reimbursements made since the previous board meeting to the Board of Directors at every board meeting.

Any Board member can ask for a Board of Director vote on any disbursement made by the Treasurer to an active board member, as reported to the Board. If the Board of Directors votes against that disbursement by a majority vote, that board member has 30 days to repay that expense to the club.

Any reimbursement and/or disbursement to a general member must be pre-approved by the Board of Directors

A ledger of the organization’s funds shall be maintained by the Treasurer and this ledger shall be open to inspection by any member in good standing at monthly meetings. The ledger will include income, expenditures, and anticipated expenditures in the reporting period. The Treasurer is also responsible for allowing any member in good standing to inspect the organization’s monthly bank statements.

Recall proceedings may be called for by any member in good standing at the monthly Club meeting by verbally stating their reasons. Should those reasons be personal in nature, any member can contact any Board Member with their concerns.

All votes for recall must first pass a Board of Director discussion and 2/3rd majority vote by the Board, prior to going to the membership as a Recall Vote.

The Officer up for recall shall be notified by the President (or the next highest ranking office as outlined in 7.01, should the President be up for recall) within 24 hours of the Board of Director vote. The Officer up for recall will be given an opportunity to to state their reason(s) why they should not be recalled at the meeting that the recall vote is announced.

Recall Vote will be announced at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting after passing a board vote. All Officer recall votes must be made available online to all members for a period of 7 days and must pass 2/3rd vote of the membership votes casted. The Officer up for recall will be notified of the results immediately upon the closing of the election. Results will be distributed to the membership No later than 72 hours after the closing of the polls.

In the event of a vacancy of a Board Office, the President will nominate a replacement Officer, subject to the approval of the Board. This interim Officer will serve until the next General Election Vote. The Technology Director, or President, in the Technology Director’s absence, shall notify all voting members of such action.

All events and functions shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

All events are to be conducted in an orderly manner with safety as a prime factor.

Participation in club events/functions shall be limited to members, guests, and potential members unless otherwise decided, by vote, of the Board of Directors present.

Any Board of Director shall have the authority to cancel or postpone any event if conditions exist which prohibit the event from being held safely.

No one under the age of 18 years of age shall be allowed to drive in a club-sponsored event unless they have a liability release signed by their guardian and present it to an onsite Board of Director prior to the event.

For safety considerations, ALL members are strongly encouraged to have the following items in or on their vehicles while out on the trails and during club events: basic first aid kit, fire extinguisher, seat belts in use (provided they were standard issue with the vehicle), tow strap, and fixed recovery points, front and rear.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct applies to Midwest Krawlers and each of its entities (the Club or MWK). The Club thrives on conducting business in an ethical manner and with a focus on being family oriented. It is the Club’s intention to emphasize what it means to work ethically by defining and working within our ethical commitments and our core values.

It is the Club’s expectation that all Board of Directors, Members, and Sponsors will follow the Code of Conduct posted on and agreed upon when applying for membership.